contoh soalan dan jawapan speaking MUET task A

on Ahad, 14 Oktober 2012
Assalamualaikum.. hai. jumpa lagi. hehe.. korang mesti tertanya-tanya kenapa si miss kecoh ni dah lama tak update post yang kecoh-kecoh gitu. tiba-tiba aje post pasal MUET je.. merapu ke? hehe..tak. sebenarnya.. untuk sementara exam fever ni.. ada baiknya saya kongsi sedikit ilmu khasnya untuk kawan-kawan yang bakal ambil MUET dan bakal menduduki STPM exam tak lama lagi.. tak salah bukan?  hehe..ok, jom kita tengok contoh muet speaking TASK A yaitu individual presentation . contoh tersebut saya rujuk dalam buku MUET Ace ahead. saya tak ambil bulat-bulat sebab terlampau panjang kalau nak kira tak sempat habis 2 minit.

situation: Absteentism is prevalent after the final exams as students are bored in school. suggest interesting activities to your class teacher to encourage students to come to school after their final exams.

Task A: You suggest organizing a concert. provide reasons for your suggestion.

Good morning to the examiner and my fellow friends. students are bored after their final exams because there are no lessons most of the time. they fell that going to school is a waste of time and therefore refuse to go to school. in my opinion, organizing a concert in school could encourage students to attend school after their final examinations.

my maint point is that concerts are fun and entertaining. students enjoy watching their friends perform. besides that, they could also have fun preparing for the concert and performing in the creativity and develop their talents. for example, having a dance for their performances. the process of planning, practising and performing is definitely an interesting process and could motivate students to come to school.

secondly, organizing a concert can instill moral values in students. they have to work together as a group to ensure the success of the concert, this means that they learn character building values such as teamwork, cooperation and patience. on top of that, they would  work together with friends from various races. this instills good moral values such as understanding and tolerance that promotes racial integration and harmony. 

next, i would like to highlight that students can organize concerts to raise funds to finance future activities. this will motivate them to go to school for practise and preparation because they need  to produce a good concert. selling ticket indirectly improves their communication skill. 

in conclussion, i believe that organizing a concert encourage students to come to school after their final exams. while having fun and excitement, they can demonstrate their talents, develop hidden talents, raise fund and become a better people. hence, they will find going to school then a worthwhile effort. thats all thank you.

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